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The Night & Day

This handmade art piece is inspired by women. Their resilience through times of struggle, and their strength that shines through even in the darkest places. Set in a black shadowbox frame with standout green interior edging, three kalo leaves accompany hibiscus blooms in a wealth of colors all brought to life by the meticulous art of paper quilling. The kalo plant gathers its strength through sunlight, while the hibiscus plant blooms in darkness. Each petal of the hibiscus represents a different nationality of women; as the hibiscus flower takes on different hues depending on where in the world it blooms.

The night is a time of stillness and reflection following the chaotic hustle and bustle of the day. It is a deeply vulnerable time, but even in our weakest moments, women, ALL women, carry power and beauty within themselves.

  • Frame measures 18" x 25" x 2.5"
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