YWCA O'ahu Featured Artist Program

The YWCA O'ahu Artist Entrepreneur program is a 12 month mentoring program that equips women with the tools needed to turn their creative art ideas into marketable products or services. This is done through market research, prototyping, trade shows, events and a series of one-on-one business counseling. The prerequisite for this program is Launch my Business, the signature business course offered at the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership at YWCA O'ahu.

Featured Artist Kepola Dudoit
MCBL Director Terri Funakoshi works with Artist Kepola Dudoit on expanding her paper quilling portraits to gift items.

Printed greeting cards can be found at YWCA Laniakea monthly retail pop-ups.

Empowered Beauty by: Kepola Dudoit

From Inmate to Artist, (Honolulu, Hawaii News Now)

Featured artist and program graduate Kepola Dudoit, debuted her Quilling paper-art collection entitled “Empowered Beauty” at the J. Watamull Family Gallery at YWCA Laniakea on June 22, 2018. Read full story

Featured artist and program graduate Kepola Dudoit’s second installation of Quilling paper-art collection entitled “The Queen” at the J. Watamull Family Gallery at YWCA Laniakea in the fall of 2019.


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COVID recovery and beyond
COVID recovery and beyond

"The COVID lockdown was horrible for me as a person who has no family. I had a horrible time with the isolation so I began to write my book.

YWCA was a great help teaching me the business end of things and the steps I needed to take to get me through and beyond a terrible time in our history."

Charlene de Lory

Taking control and giving back
Taking control and giving back

As a banker who was incarcerated because of drug abuse, YWCA's Fernhurst Ka Hale Ho‘āla Hou No Nā Wāhine program allowed me to successfully transition from prison back into the community.

Because of their guidance, I have now written and illustrated two published children’s books, “Mommy Loves You,” and “My Best Friend.” I owe a lot to YWCA and intend to pay it forward by supporting other women.

Lois Kim