THIS TOO SHALL PASS: Zahrah calls for balance after Maui fires

THIS TOO SHALL PASS: Zahrah calls for balance after Maui fires

THIS TOO SHALL PASS: Zahrah calls for balance after Maui fires

"Come breathe with me."

Zahrah Dawood found herself amidst the chaos and fear that enveloped her community immediately after the shock brought by the Maui wildfires that struck on August 8. What set Zahrah apart, however, was her remarkable calmness in the face of this crisis. She attributed this poise to her holistic meditation training, which instilled in her the importance of staying grounded to help others in times of turmoil.

"I've faced many trials and tribulations in my life, which have prepared me for such obstacles," Zahrah explained. "The recent fires evoked unpleasant memories, reminiscent of my escape from war-torn Africa. But they also reminded me of my inner strength."

Zahrah turned to her expertise in meditation as an immediate response to support her community in their time of need. She provided individual and group sessions to help many deal with their emotions and find balance.

Personally, she recharges her soul with meditation and looking at nature - while sipping tea.

"Come drink tea with me."

Throughout Zahrah's life, tea has been a constant presence‚ÄĒa comforting companion during birthday celebrations, get-togethers, and moments of recovery and resilience. In February of this year, Zahrah transformed her dream into reality by creating organic loose teas infused with unique local ingredients, which she now sells under the brand Zee Maui Tea. Each of these teas is crafted with love and dedication, transcending their status as mere beverages.

Handcrafting her teas in the peaceful town of Napili, Zahrah began to sell them at local farmers' markets and stores along Front Street in Lahaina. Business was thriving until the Maui fires cast a shadow of uncertainty over her enterprise.

Today, Zahrah is more determined than ever to succeed with Zee Maui Tea, a brand that perfectly complements her holistic healing and coaching work. She is actively working to expand her online presence, secure more wholesale accounts, and continue sharing the healing properties and health benefits of her teas.

Shop YWCA proudly supports Zahrah on her journey to success and is committed to empowering her vision for Zee Maui Tea. As Zahrah sips a cup of tea by her window, her cup is filled not just with a delightful blend but also with resilience and hope. She prays that her tea provides healing to many, just as it does for her.

In a parting message of unwavering determination, Zahrah declares, "We will make it, Maui!"

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