WHEN SANAK ATTACK STRIKES: Reach into a bag of joy

WHEN SANAK ATTACK STRIKES: Reach into a bag of joy

WHEN SANAK ATTACK STRIKES: Reach into a bag of joy

Sanak Attack-that wasn’t a typo. Entrepreneur and YWahine in Business graduate, Kainoelani Lee created a playful twist to snack attack, embracing how most locals would say the term - sanak. It’s like a rally cry, and a reminder that these beautiful pouches of gummy snacks are available to address such cravings.

Based on the Big Island of Hawaii, Sanak Attack offers a variety of lemon peel gummy candies in ready-to-eat portioned pouches ideal for a quick snack. It was a recipe Kainoelani perfected during the lockdown and continues to be a best seller on Shop YWCA!

Kainoelani realized the potential of the business when during markets, she would typically sell out fast while watching her community consume them like it was the main course. It was an opportunity she couldn’t ignore, especially while positive news was challenging to find during the pandemic. She watched how every bag brought her customers joy and a sense of comfort, while they enjoy all the flavors of her gummies at once - salty, sweet, sour and a whole lot of aloha.


Kainoelani sought for YWCA’s business mentorship once she realized she needed help executing some of her vision for her company. She wanted to make sure to honor her Native Hawaiian heritage, the land where she resides and has provided for her and her family, and visually celebrate her resilience during a dark moment in time.

Therefore, as noted in her beautiful packaging, she shares how her gummies aim to share a taste of Hawaii worldwide. The design represents the beauty and resilience of the ohia lehua flower, and the indigenous citrus-colored amakihi bird.


Kainoelani has transformed her regular gummy snacks into mindful bites that celebrate her community’s culture and history. This power move now allows her to open up her product to bigger markets, which sets the stage for more things to come for Sanak Attack.

Her product label reads, “Under any condition, the `ōhi`a lehua blooms, so do empowered wahine.”

And bloom you shall continue to do, Kainoelani. We are so proud to showcase Sanak Attack on Shop YWCA! 

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