WEAR SUCCESS ON YOUR SLEEVE: Ayshialyn Sabado is Ready for the World

WEAR SUCCESS ON YOUR SLEEVE: Ayshialyn Sabado is Ready for the World

WEAR SUCCESS ON YOUR SLEEVE: Ayshialyn Sabado is Ready for the World - ShopYWCA

“My story is a testament to the ambition and courage to follow my dreams.” 

In order to tackle an internship opportunity in late 2022, Business Management senior at the University of Hawaii West Oahu, Ayshialyn Sabado needed professional clothes to wear for an interview. It was for the office of House Representative Scot Matayoshi at the Hawaii State Capitol, where the staff dress code meets a certain professional standard as a public office. 

The problem is, Ayshialyn didn’t have any guidance or appropriate attire for the scheduled interview. But this didn’t become a barrier at all for her - she knew the Dress for Success program would be able to help. 

As you may have already guessed how this story ends, Ashialyn DID get that internship and she became an instrumental asset during the 2023 Legislative Session. She is one of many inspirational stories that Dress for Success has authored to help women achieve economic independence, thrive in work and in life. 

As a foster child and first-generation college graduate, Ashiyalyn’s grit to surpass all the challenges in her life are truly commendable. She graduated with Student Service and Leadership distinction and became part of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

After the internship and with the experience and confidence she gained, went on to apply for a position in Senator Mazie Hirono’s office. Because we already know she’s a rockstar, she did get the job as Staff Assistant and is about to start a Master’s program at Hawaii Pacific University.

With the support she received, Ayshialyn makes sure to pay it forward and continues to participate in Professional Women’s Group, one of the employment support services offered by Dress for Success. PWG offers professional development and networking opportunities for clients on a monthly basis. 

Shop YWCA and Dress for Success are honored to be part of the journey to support the superstar that you are, Ashiyalyn! Keep up the good work!

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