CURIOSITEA: Brittnee creates her own career path

CURIOSITEA: Brittnee creates her own career path

CURIOSITEA: Brittnee creates her own career path

Brittnee Lau was in law school when she decided law wasn’t fun for her anymore. Instead, she pursued a curiosity to follow her passion with tea. It started as a serious hobby in High School, which eventually turned into her profession, then a full fledged business, and in early 2023, a storefront brick and mortar called Ami • Mei.

Her company Treehouse Teas sells 100% Hawaii Grown Teas & Botanicals and claims they have the  “purest teas you will find from any purveyor in the Hawaiian Islands.” Brittnee works with a collective of small farmers across the state - a listing you can find on her website

Brittnee has the credentials to make such claims - she is a certified tea sommelier. She used to arrange afternoon tea programs for the Kahala Hotel & Resort and at the Oahu Country Club. She can talk about how “fresh tea” is not necessarily better, and holds classes to educate about intentional aging and maturing of teas, as well as pairing, preparation and more about the tea culture.

While she had the company in 2016, she only went full time - quit her job and took the leap, right before the pandemic hit in 2020! While she admits the timing was unfortunate, the communiTea had a stronger appreciation and awareness of local businesses in Hawaii, which helped her online store thrive.

Stories like Brittnee’s are not unique. Many empowered business owners have also taken the leap to follow their passion. When asked if she had any advice to those wanting to start a business, she had two words - “just start.”

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