SELF-DISCOVERY: Journey to inner peace with elegant journals

SELF-DISCOVERY: Journey to inner peace with elegant journals

SELF-DISCOVERY: Journey to inner peace with elegant journals

Tomomi and Joyce of Kuro’s Workshop LLC in 2018 began sharing their craft with other writers and artists in search of journals that are elegant and durable. As bookbinders for more than 20 years, they took inspiration from the beauty Hawaii has to offer and created pieces that mirror the island’s lifestyle while offering the same feel of the best journals in the market.

Their goal was to create a home for one’s deepest thoughts and feelings. And in the journey involved in writing, is the path to self-discovery and inner peace. Those needing help preserving their precious books or items may also reach out for care services.

The handcrafted journals are featured in Shop YWCA, as well as the makers’ story of empowerment and desire to share their knowledge. The pieces are handcrafted using traditional methods, ensuring longevity. Eventually, a few more stationary pieces were added to the collection, and a successful business was born. 

Kuro Workshop also offers bookbinding and book conservation classes and services. For example, they teach that leather covers for books don’t necessarily have the longevity desired, and that the book hinges are the most vulnerable part. They also offer page mending, after careful deliberation of the paper’s characteristics - fiber content, surface coating, etc. Great stuff! Most are held at Native Books at Arts and Letters Nuʻuanu. A schedule of workshops and registration links are on their website

In 2022, the business participated in the Hankyu Hawaii Fair in Osaka, Japan and many pieces were sold out!

As you may have guessed also, Tomomi and Joyce are cat lovers! So much so that their feline family has inspired the Popoki Journals collection in their shop. Even their logo is inspired by a cat silhouette. 

Connect with your inner self through journal-writing and do so in style!

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