NATURAL SOLUTIONS: How tropical Noni fruit built this family

NATURAL SOLUTIONS: How tropical Noni fruit built this family

NATURAL SOLUTIONS: How tropical Noni fruit built this family

Nakula Tibby of Puna Noni Naturals is one of the pillars of their family-owned business, which her dad started in 1999 as an alternative medication to high-blood pressure. Their company’s story serves as the foundation for years of operation and service to thousands of clients that adore their product.

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Puna Noni has farming operations in the Big Island where they grow ripe organic noni fruit. Their juices are 100% just the ripe noni fruit, nothing else. This practice was inspired by Puna, the name of the family’s grandmother and namesake of the company that has grown over the years.

For Nakula and her family, health was top priority. Traditionally, noni has been used to maintain healthy joints and a healthy immune system, as well as to reduce inflammation and general body aches and pains. This tradition was how Nakula honored her grandmother Puna and this was how she and her family members raise their next generation. It was going back to natural solutions the land offered that kept the company afloat for the past 24 years.

In addition to noni juice, the company also offers noni oil in all other body care products that are free of preservatives and chemicals.

The past few years have been challenging for the family business. The volcanic eruptions have affected crop production, which had effects on the supply chain. Even shipping prices and service times have recently changed, she said. 

But the family’s resolve to continue providing customers with natural solutions for wellness continues, and more success is on the horizon after overcoming adversity. Try noni today!