INSPIRATION: Artist Kris Goto x YWCA collab

INSPIRATION: Artist Kris Goto x YWCA collab

INSPIRATION: Artist Kris Goto x YWCA collab - ShopYWCA

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Emma Louise Dillingham. Elizabeth Fuller. Julia Morgan. Catherine Jones Richards. Toshiko Takaezu. Mary Sia. Patsy T. Mink.

Seven inspiring women. Countless lives changed by their dedication. More than a century of commitment to the YWCA mission, “eliminating racism, empowering women.”

When you visit YWCA Laniākea, a colorful and powerful mural welcomes you at its lobby. This was done by local artist Kris Goto entitled "Women of YWCA O'ahu."


The mural is a powerful story of community-mindedness and determination through the waves of history as these seven trailblazers navigated with YWCA O‘ahu. The mural, completed in the summer of 2020, was part of a milestone year, as we marked YWCA's 120th anniversary.

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Featured in the mural are:

Emma Louise Dillingham spearheaded the effort to bring a YWCA presence to the Islands. She wanted to create a hub where women could gather for skills-building, social sessions and shared efforts to better themselves for their families. Her dream came to fruition when the first group of “YWCA women” gathered at her home on the corner of Punahou and Beretaina Streets in 1900. 

Elizabeth Fuller was one of the first notable young members at YWCA O‘ahu. A 1917 honors graduate of McKinley High School strongly rooted in her Native Hawaiian heritage, Fuller headed the Hawaiian Girls Club and led their athletics team to much renown.

Julia Morgan and Catherine Jones Richards were the chief architect and landscape artist, respectively, behind the construction of YWCA Laniakea headquarters in downtown Honolulu. They built the majestic building which over the years served as a multifaceted community cornerstone in war relief, social justice and programs for women’s personal and professional development.

Toshiko Takaezu and Mary Sia gifted us with their talents in ceramics and cooking. Both women taught popular classes at YWCA for many decades, empowering women to learn practical and insightful trades.  

Patsy T. Mink was the first-ever Asian-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress. A fierce advocate for women’s issues, today she is the namesake of the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership at Laniakea.

The mural project provided an opportunity to reflect on our rich history, and the inspiration of the women who came before us. These women continue to guide the work we do today. 


About Kris Goto:

Honolulu-based artist Kris Goto, born in Kagoshima, Japan, has a diverse background, having lived in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Hawai’i. Inspired by manga artists like Yuu Watase and Tezuka Osamu, her detailed penmanship defines her work. Currently, she draws inspiration from Hawai’i's local island lifestyle and cultural fusion. Known for her murals since 2013, she has featured work in Oʻahu, Japan, California, and France, notably at the ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach for POW!WOW!! HAWAII and our historic YWCA Oʻahu to commemorate the 120th Anniversary with her mural.

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