REBRAND SUCCESS: Jams are out, low sugar fruit spreads are in

REBRAND SUCCESS: Jams are out, low sugar fruit spreads are in

REBRAND SUCCESS: Jams are out, low sugar fruit spreads are in - ShopYWCA

With a renewed desire to innovate and rebrand, Claudia Bustamente's journey with Koko Val Hawaii takes us to exciting opportunities this year. From being featured in last year's Maui Wahine Strong collection, Koko Val has a fresh new look and we’re all here for it!

Koko Val presents a fresh brand image, which introduces its revamped label designs and an enticing range of small-batch, crafted jams. Drawing from Hawaii’s favorite tropical flavors like pineapple, mango, and lilikoi, alongside timeless favorites like strawberry and blueberry, Koko Val's fruit spreads promise a delightful fusion of taste. Plus, most fruits are sourced locally as much as possible.

What distinguishes Kokoval is Claudia's emphasis on simplicity and health consciousness. By allowing the natural flavors to shine, Claudia has developed jams that boast a lower sugar content, containing just 6 percent organic cane sugar and none of the less desirable alternatives like corn syrup. Preferring the term "fruit spreads" over the conventional label of "jams," Claudia's approach reflects a dedication to authenticity and transparency.

But the versatility of Koko Val's offerings extends beyond the breakfast table. From enhancing savory dishes (pineapple glaze for your BBQ!) to elevating baked goods and even inspiring creative beverage concoctions, the possibilities with Kokoval's fruit spreads are endless. Claudia invites customers to explore these culinary opportunities, encouraging experimentation and enjoyment in the kitchen.

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For Claudia, the satisfaction of crafting these spreads from scratch is matched only by the positive feedback received from customers. As Koko Val expands its presence, Claudia remains committed to community engagement, maintaining a presence at farmers markets while pursuing wholesale accounts and online sales. Always receptive to new partnerships, Claudia approaches each opportunity with a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

At the heart of Claudia's journey lies her deep-rooted connection to family, serving as a constant source of inspiration. As her children grow and evolve, so too does Claudia, navigating the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship with resourcefulness and adaptability. Her story reminds us that progress is often marked by small, deliberate steps, and that with dedication and authenticity, meaningful change is possible. 


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