COMMUNITY: Island Essence’s secret to long-lasting success

COMMUNITY: Island Essence’s secret to long-lasting success

COMMUNITY: Island Essence’s secret to long-lasting success

In the heart of Maui, where the sun-kissed beaches meet lush tropical landscapes, there's a business that embodies the essence of aloha in every product they create. Island Essence, a family-owned company, has thrived for over three decades, defying the odds that often challenge businesses on this tightly knit island. 

Products at Island Essence

Today, we delve into the story of Charade Law, the General Manager of Island Essence, and how this remarkable company continues to flourish by embracing the true spirit of community, collaboration, and giving back.

With the recent Maui wildfires and anticipating a call for community building, Island Essence jumped into action almost immediately.

The team donated antibacterial hand sprays and body washes to shelters and community hubs that opened, and some of their employees even volunteered for the Maui Red Cross. They launched weekly fundraising initiatives and have so far donated children’s backpacks and air purifiers.

Team of employees at Island Essence

Charade, at the helm of this remarkable venture, has played a pivotal part in Island Essence's success and role in Maui’s disaster recovery. Managing a dedicated team of seven to ten individuals, she exemplifies the power of teamwork. Under her guidance, the company weathered the storm of the pandemic with resilience, and now, the economic impact of the recent fires. 

To date, Island Essence’s contributions to the Maui Food Bank have produced more than 800 meals crucial for the survival of the affected families. 

Charade beamed as she described their journey that began with an unwavering commitment to the people and environment of Maui. Inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them, they craft body care and spa botanical products that are not only a treat for the skin but also a tribute to Hawaii's rich heritage. Their secret? Using local treasures like coconut and kukui, and honoring indigenous practices passed down by local women. Each of their products tells a beautiful story.

Products at Island Essence

The company's reputation for quality and authenticity extends far beyond the island. Their products can be found in retail stores and hotels, where they provide custom spa treatments that transport guests to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. In an era where trust is paramount, Island Essence stands as a trusted brand, not a fleeting presence but a female-powered company with a legacy that keeps growing.

What sets Charade apart is her deep sense of ownership and commitment to Island Essence's mission. She runs the company as if it were her own, infusing every aspect with the spirit of Maui’s community. Looking to the future, Charade and her team are focused on enhancing their online presence, nurturing relationships with their 12,000 online customers, and innovating to adapt to Maui's ever-changing landscape.

In the spirit of true collaboration, Charade believes that partnerships with other small businesses are the key to survival. However, she emphasizes that these partnerships must be built on shared values and a genuine connection. It's not just about making money as a business but also about inspiring the aloha spirit. And this is precisely why Charade is excited about Island Essence's partnership with Shop YWCA.

Together, they envision not only financial success but also the opportunity to uplift their community and perpetuate aloha. It's a partnership rooted in shared values, and as Charade and Island Essence continue to grow and innovate, they remain a shining example of how businesses can thrive by giving back, collaborating, and embodying the true essence of Maui.

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