DIGITAL RESILIENCE: Measuring the real value of success

DIGITAL RESILIENCE: Measuring the real value of success

DIGITAL RESILIENCE: Measuring the real value of success

In the heart of the mid-90s', amidst the bustling center court of a mall, sisters Dawn Ravelo and Debbie Hopkins, alongside their mom Sharrie Ah Chick, decided to go on a business journey powered by their creativity and a passion for crafting. Little did they know that their humble bead stand would evolve into something far greater—a beloved community hub known as Global Village Kailua.

Fast forward more than 27 years, and Global Village Kailua remains a beacon of creativity and connection within its community. What started as a bead stand has blossomed into a boutique offering sustainable goods, inspired gifts, and the unmistakable "aloha life" vibe that Dawn, Debbie, and Sharrie have cultivated through their travels and experiences.

As the years passed, the torch was passed from mother to daughters, with Dawn and Debbie taking the reins of the business. With their entrepreneurial spirit and courage to embrace the changing times, they made the bold decision to pivot their operations to meet the demands of the digital age. The brick-and-mortar storefront closed its doors, and Global Village Kailua transitioned to a 100% online venture.


This shift wasn't without its challenges. Adapting to an entirely new mode of operation tested the company's culture and resilience. Yet, through it all, Dawn and Debbie remained steadfast in their commitment to treating their customers like family. Every decision was made with the intent to nurture the sense of community they had fostered over the years.

Going online wasn't just a strategic move—it was an opportunity for Dawn and Debbie to reconnect with their core values and priorities. "The change allowed us more time to spend with our families, and really think about what’s most important," Dawn reflects. "We measure success differently now—it’s not all about profit anymore."

Joining a network of fellow women entrepreneurs provided Dawn with invaluable support and insight. Through shared experiences and a positive outlook, she found solace in the knowledge that no challenge is insurmountable when faced together. "Our mom was always the glue that kept it all together," Dawn fondly remembers. "She provided guidance, yet allowed us to grow on our own."

The road to success may have been paved with obstacles, but with family by their side, Dawn and Debbie tackled each challenge with unwavering determination. As Global Village Kailua continues to thrive in the digital landscape, its founders remain grounded in their commitment to community, creativity, and the enduring spirit of aloha.

In the ever-changing landscape of business, one thing remains constant: the power of connection and the strength found in family, both by blood and by bond. And for Global Village Kailua, that connection is the thread that weaves together the past, present, and future of this remarkable journey.

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